19 CFR § 122.48 - Air cargo manifest.

§ 122.48 Air cargo manifest.

(a) When required. Except as provided in paragraphs (d) and (e) of this section, an air cargo manifest need not be filed or retained aboard the aircraft for any aircraft required to enter under § 122.41. However, an air cargo manifest for all cargo on board must otherwise be available for production upon demand. The general declaration must be filed as provided in § 122.43.

(b) Exception. A cargo manifest is not required for merchandise, baggage and stores arriving from and departing for a foreign country on the same through flight. Any cargo manifest already on board may be inspected. All articles on board which must be licensed by the Secretary of State shall be listed on the cargo manifest. Company mail shall be listed on the cargo manifest.

(c) Form. The air cargo manifest, Customs Form 7509, must contain all required information regarding all cargo on board the aircraft, except that a more complete description of the cargo shipped may be provided by attaching to the manifest copies of the air waybills covering the cargo on board, including, if a consolidated shipment, any house air waybills. When copies of air waybills are attached, the statement “Cargo as per air waybills attached” must appear on the manifest. The manifest must reference an 11-digit air waybill number for each air waybill it covers. The air waybill number must not be used by the issuer for another air waybill for a period of one year after issuance.

(d) Unaccompanied baggage. Unaccompanied baggage arriving in the U.S. under a check number from any foreign country by air and presented timely to Customs may be authorized for delivery by the carrier after inspection and examination without preparation of an entry, declaration, or being manifested as cargo. Such baggage must be found to be free of duty or tax under any provision of Chapter 98, HTSUS (19 U.S.C. 1202), and cannot be restricted or prohibited. Unaccompanied checked baggage not presented timely to Customs or presented timely and found by Customs to be dutiable, restricted, or prohibited may be subject to seizure. Such unaccompanied checked baggage shall be added to the cargo list in columns under the following headings:

Check No. Description Where from Destination Name of examining officer Disposition
The two columns, headed “Name of examining officer” and “Disposition,” are provided on the cargo manifest for the use of Customs officers. Unaccompained unchecked baggage arriving as air express or freight shall be manifested as other air express or freight.

(e) Accompanied baggage in transit. This section applies when accompanied baggage enters into the U.S. in one aircraft and leaves the U.S. in another aircraft. When passengers do not have access to their baggage while in transit through the U.S., the baggage is considered cargo and shall be listed on Customs Form 7509, Air Cargo Manifest.

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