19 CFR § 144.36 - Withdrawal for transportation.

§ 144.36 Withdrawal for transportation.

(a) Time limit. Merchandise may be withdrawn from warehouse for transportation to another port of entry if withdrawal for consumption or exportation can be accomplished at the port of destination before the expiration of the warehousing period.

(b) Physical deposit in warehouse not needed. All or any part of the merchandise covered by an entry summary, Customs Form 7501, or its electronic equivalent, may be withdrawn for transportation without deposit in a bonded warehouse and may be permitted to remain on the vessel or other vehicle or on the pier in a constructive warehouse status pending examination. When any such merchandise not deposited in a warehouse is not forwarded under the withdrawal for transportation on account of damage or other cause, the importer shall be required to withdraw such merchandise immediately for consumption or exportation, or designate a warehouse to which it may be sent and, upon his failure to do so, it shall be treated as unclaimed.

(c) Form.

(1) A withdrawal for transportation shall be filed by submitting an in-bond application pursuant to part 18 of this chapter.

(2) Separate withdrawals for transportation from a single warehouse, via a single conveyance, consigned to the same consignee, and deposited into a single warehouse, can be filed using one in-bond application, under one control number, provided that the information for each withdrawal, as required in paragraph (d) of this section is provided in the in-bond application for certification by CBP. With the exception of alcohol and tobacco products, this procedure will not be allowed for merchandise that is in any way restricted (for example, quota/visa).

(3) The requirement that an in-bond application be filed and the information required in paragraph (d) of this section be shown will not be required if the merchandise qualifies under the exemption in § 144.34(c).

(d) Information required. In addition to the statement of quantity required by § 144.32, the following information for the merchandise being withdrawn must be provided in the in-bond application:

(1) The original entry number, date of entry, date of entry summary, and port at which filed;

(2) The name of the consignee at the port of destination;

(3) Any ascertained weight, gauge, or measure;

(4) The entered value of the merchandise;

(5) Estimated duties, if any;

(6) A statement that the merchandise is or is not admissible for consumption and the reason for non-admissibility, if applicable; and

(7) The statistical information required by § 141.61(e) of this chapter.

When the withdrawal is made after the merchandise has been rewarehoused, the rewarehouse entry number, date, and port at which filed also shall be shown.

(e) Duty on samples withdrawn. The duty on any samples withdrawn at the original port from a shipment covered by a withdrawal for transportation shall be collected at such port and a notation thereof made on the withdrawal form. No separate invoice or extract from the original invoice shall be required to cover such samples.

(f) Forwarding procedure. The merchandise must be forwarded in accordance with the general provisions for transportation in bond (§§ 18.1 through 18.9 of this chapter). However, when the alternate procedures for transfers between integrated bonded warehouses under § 144.34(c) are employed, the merchandise need not be delivered to a bonded carrier for transportation, and an entry for transportation and a rewarehouse entry will not be required.

(g) Procedure at destination. Upon arrival at destination, the merchandise may be:

(1) Entered for rewarehouse in accordance with § 144.41;

(2) Entered for combined rewarehouse and withdrawal for consumption in accordance with § 144.42;

(3) Exported in accordance with paragraph (h) of this section;

(4) Forwarded to another port or returned to the origination port in accordance with §§ 18.5(c) or 18.9 of this chapter;

(5) Admitted to a foreign trade zone in zone-restricted status as provided in part 146 of this chapter; or

(6) Deposited into the proprietor's bonded warehouse or duty free store warehouse without rewarehouse entry as required in § 144.41, if the merchandise qualifies for the exemption specified in § 144.34(c).

(h) Exportation. A consignee of merchandise withdrawn for transportation who desires to export the merchandise upon arrival at destination shall so advise the port director at destination in writing. The port director shall then permit the exportation of the merchandise under Customs supervision in the same manner as a withdrawal for indirect exportation under § 144.37.

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