19 CFR § 146.62 - Entry.

§ 146.62 Entry.

(a) General. Entry for foreign merchandise that is to be transferred from a zone, or removed from a zone for exportation or transportation to another port, for consumption or warehouse, will be made by filing an in-bond application pursuant to part 18 of this chapter, CBP Form 3461, CBP Form 7501, or other applicable CBP forms. If entry is made on CBP Form 3461, the person making entry shall file an entry summary for all the merchandise covered by the CBP Form 3461 within 10 business days after the time of entry.

(b) Documentation.

(1) Customs Form 7501, or its electronic equivalent, or the entry summary will be accompanied by the entry documentation, including invoices as provided in parts 141 and 142 of this chapter. The person with the right to make entry shall submit any other supporting documents required by law or regulations that relate to the transferred merchandise and provide the information necessary to support the admissibility, the declared values, quantity, and classification of the merchandise. If the declared values are predicated on estimates or estimated costs, that information must be clearly stated in writing at the time an entry or entry summary is filed.

(2) An in-bond application for merchandise to be transferred to another port or zone or for exportation must provide that the merchandise covered is foreign trade zone merchandise; give the number of the zone from which the merchandise was transferred; state the status of the merchandise; and, if applicable, bear the notation or endorsement provided for in § 146.64(c), § 146.66(b), or § 146.70(c).

(c) Waiver of supporting documents. The port director may waive presentation of an invoice and supporting documentation required in paragraph (b) of this section with the entry or entry summary, if satisfied that presentation of those documents would be impractical, and the person making entry or the operator either files invoices and supporting documentation with the port director or maintains and makes those records available for examination by Customs.

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