20 CFR § 498.207 - Discovery.

§ 498.207 Discovery.

(a) For the purpose of inspection and copying, a party may make a request to another party for production of documents which are relevant and material to the issues before the ALJ.

(b) Any form of discovery other than that permitted under paragraph (a) of this section, such as requests for admissions, written interrogatories and depositions, is not authorized.

(c) For the purpose of this section, the term documents includes information, reports, answers, records, accounts, papers, memos, notes and other data and documentary evidence. Nothing contained in this section will be interpreted to require the creation of a document, except that requested data stored in an electronic data storage system will be produced in a form accessible to the requesting party.


(1) A party who has been served with a request for production of documents may file a motion for a protective order. The motion for protective order shall describe the document or class of documents to be protected, specify which of the grounds in § 498.207(d)(2) are being asserted, and explain how those grounds apply.

(2) The ALJ may grant a motion for a protective order if he or she finds that the discovery sought:

(i) Is unduly costly or burdensome;

(ii) Will unduly delay the proceeding; or

(iii) Seeks privileged information.

(3) The burden of showing that discovery should be allowed is on the party seeking discovery.

[61 FR 65469, Dec. 13, 1996]