20 CFR Subpart C - Wagner-Peyser Act Services in a One-Stop Delivery System Environment

  1. § 652.200 What is the purpose of this subpart?
  2. § 652.201 What is the role of the State Workforce Agency in the one-stop delivery system?
  3. § 652.202 May local Employment Service offices exist outside of the one-stop delivery system?
  4. § 652.203 Who is responsible for funds authorized under the Wagner-Peyser Act in the workforce development system?
  5. § 652.204 Must funds authorized under the Wagner-Peyser Act (the Governor's Reserve) flow through the one-stop delivery system?
  6. § 652.205 May funds authorized under the Wagner-Peyser Act be used to supplement funding for labor exchange programs authorized under separate legislation?
  7. § 652.206 May a State use funds authorized under the Wagner-Peyser Act to provide applicable “career services,” as defined in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act?
  8. § 652.207 How does a State meet the requirement for universal access to services provided under the Wagner-Peyser Act?
  9. § 652.208 How are applicable career services related to the methods of service delivery described in in this part?
  10. § 652.209 What are the requirements under the Wagner-Peyser Act for providing reemployment services and other activities to referred unemployment insurance claimants?
  11. § 652.210 What are the Wagner-Peyser Act's requirements for administration of the work test, including eligibility assessments, as appropriate, and assistance to unemployment insurance claimants?
  12. § 652.211 What are State planning requirements under the Wagner-Peyser Act?
  13. § 652.215 Can Wagner-Peyser Act-funded activities be provided through a variety of staffing models?
  14. § 652.216 May the one-stop operator provide guidance to Employment Service staff in accordance with the Wagner-Peyser Act?