20 CFR Subpart H - Subpart H—Labor Condition Applications and Requirements for Employers Seeking To Employ Nonimmigrants on H–1b Visas in Specialty Occupations and as Fashion Models, and Requirements for Employers Seeking To Employ Nonimmigrants on H–1b1 and E–3 Visas in Specialty Occupations

  1. § 655.700 What statutory provisions govern the employment of H–1B, H–1B1, and E–3 nonimmigrants and how do employers apply for H–1B, H–1B1, and E–3 visas?
  2. § 655.705 What Federal agencies are involved in the H–1B and H–1B1 programs, and what are the responsibilities of those agencies and of employers?
  3. § 655.710 What is the procedure for filing a complaint?
  4. § 655.715 Definitions.
  5. § 655.720 Where are labor condition applications (LCAs) to be filed and processed?
  6. § 655.721 [Reserved]
  7. § 655.730 What is the process for filing a labor condition application?
  8. § 655.731 What is the first LCA requirement, regarding wages?
  9. § 655.732 What is the second LCA requirement, regarding working conditions?
  10. § 655.733 What is the third LCA requirement, regarding strikes and lockouts?
  11. § 655.734 What is the fourth LCA requirement, regarding notice?
  12. § 655.735 What are the special provisions for short-term placement of H–1B nonimmigrants at place(s) of employment outside the area(s) of intended employment listed on the LCA?
  13. § 655.736 What are H–1B-dependent employers and willful violators?
  14. § 655.737 What are “exempt” H–1B nonimmigrants, and how does their employment affect the additional attestation obligations of H–1B-dependent employers and willful violator employers?
  15. § 655.738 What are the “non-displacement of U.S. workers” obligations that apply to H–1B-dependent employers and willful violators, and how do they operate?
  16. § 655.739 What is the “recruitment of U.S. workers” obligation that applies to H–1B-dependent employers and willful violators, and how does it operate?
  17. § 655.740 What actions are taken on labor condition applications?
  18. § 655.750 What is the validity period of the labor condition application?
  19. § 655.760 What records are to be made available to the public, and what records are to be retained?
59 FR 65659, 65676, Dec. 20, 1994, unless otherwise noted.