20 CFR Subpart I - Administrative and Management Provisions

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  1. § 670.900 Are damages caused by the acts or omissions of students eligible for payment under the Federal Tort Claims Act?
  2. § 670.905 Are loss and damages that occur to persons or personal property of students at Job Corps centers eligible for reimbursement?
  3. § 670.910 If a student is injured in the performance of duty as a Job Corps Student, what benefits may they receive?
  4. § 670.915 When is a Job Corps student considered to be in the performance of duty?
  5. § 670.935 How are students protected from unsafe or unhealthy situations?
  6. § 670.940 What are the requirements for criminal law enforcement jurisdiction on center property?
  7. § 670.945 Are Job Corps operators and service providers authorized to pay State or local taxes on gross receipts?
  8. § 670.950 What are the financial management responsibilities of Job Corps center operators and other service providers?
  9. § 670.955 Are center operators and service providers subject to Federal audits?
  10. § 670.960 What are the procedures for management of student records?
  11. § 670.965 What procedures apply to disclosure of information about Job Corps students and program activities?
  12. § 670.970 What are the reporting requirements for center operators and operational support service providers?
  13. § 670.975 How is the performance of the Job Corps program assessed?
  14. § 670.980 What are the indicators of performance for Job Corps?
  15. § 670.985 What happens if a center operator, screening and admissions contractor or other service provider fails to meet the expected levels of performance?
  16. § 670.990 What procedures are available to resolve complaints and disputes?
  17. § 670.991 How does Job Corps ensure that complaints or disputes are resolved in a timely fashion?
  18. § 670.992 How does Job Corps ensure that centers or other service providers comply with the Act and the WIA regulations?
  19. § 670.993 How does Job Corps ensure that contract disputes will be resolved?
  20. § 670.994 How does Job Corps resolve disputes between DOL and other Federal Agencies?
  21. § 670.995 What DOL equal opportunity and nondiscrimination regulations apply to Job Corps?

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