21 CFR § 137.265 - Degerminated white corn meal.

§ 137.265 Degerminated white corn meal.

(a) Degerminated white corn meal, degermed white corn meal, is the food prepared by grinding cleaned white corn and removing bran and germ so that:

(1) On a moisture-free basis, its crude fiber content is less than 1.2 percent and its fat content is less than 2.25 percent; and

(2) When tested by the method prescribed in § 137.250(b)(2), except that a No. 20 standard sieve is used instead of a No. 12 sieve, not less than 95 percent passes through a No. 20 sieve, not less than 45 percent through a No. 25 sieve, but not more than 25 percent through No. 72 XXX grits gauze. Its moisture content is not more than 15 percent.

(b) For the purposes of this section, moisture, fat and crude fiber are determined by methods therefor referred to in § 137.250(b)(1).