21 CFR § 163.145 - Mixed dairy product chocolates.

§ 163.145 Mixed dairy product chocolates.

(a) Description. Mixed dairy product chocolates are the foods that conform to the standard of identity, and are subject to the requirements for label declaration of ingredients for milk chocolate in § 163.130, except that:

(1) The optional dairy ingredients for each of the foods are mixtures of two or more of the following:

(i) Any dairy ingredients specified in § 163.130;

(ii) Any dairy ingredients specified in § 163.135;

(iii) Any dairy ingredients specified in § 163.140; or

(iv) Malted milk; and

(2) The finished mixed dairy product chocolates shall contain not less than 12 percent by weight of total milk solids derived from those dairy products referred to in paragraph (a)(1) of this section, exclusive of any added sweetener or other dairy-derived ingredient that is added beyond that amount that is normally present in the specified dairy product, and may contain less than 3.39 percent by weight of milkfat. The quantity of each component used in any such mixture is such that no component contributes less than one third of the weight of the total milk solids contributed by that component which is used in the largest proportion.

(b) Nomenclature. The name of the food is “chocolate”, or “chocolate coating”, preceded by the designation of the type of milk ingredients used as prescribed in paragraph (a) of this section in order of predominance by weight, e.g., “milk and skim milk chocolate”.