21 CFR § 172.660 - Salts of furcelleran.

§ 172.660 Salts of furcelleran.

The food additive salts of furcelleran may be safely used in food in accordance with the following prescribed conditions:

(a) The food additive consists of furcelleran, meeting the provisions of § 172.655, modified by increasing the concentration of one of the naturally occurring salts (ammonium, calcium, potassium, or sodium) of furcelleran to the level that it is the dominant salt in the additive.

(b) The food additive is used or intended for use in the amount necessary for an emulsifier, stabilizer, or thickener in foods, except for those standardized foods that do not provide for such use.

(c) To assure safe use of the additive, the label and labeling of the additive shall bear the name of the salt of furcelleran that dominates the mixture by reason of the modification, e.g., “sodium furcelleran”, “potassium furcelleran”, etc.