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{'United States Code': [{'Title': '23', 'Section': '101', 'headtext': ' Definitions and declaration of policy', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/23/101'}, {'Title': '23', 'Section': '107', 'headtext': ' Acquisition of rights-of-way—Interstate System', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/23/107'}, {'Title': '23', 'Section': '108', 'headtext': ' Advance acquisition of real property', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/23/108'}, {'Title': '23', 'Section': '111', 'headtext': ' Agreements relating to use of and access to rights-of-way—Interstate System', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/23/111'}, {'Title': '23', 'Section': '114', 'headtext': ' Construction', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/23/114'}, {'Title': '23', 'Section': '133', 'headtext': ' Surface transportation block grant program', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/23/133'}, {'Title': '23', 'Section': '142', 'headtext': ' Public transportation', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/23/142'}, {'Title': '23', 'Section': '156', 'headtext': ' Proceeds from the sale or lease of real property', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/23/156'}, {'Title': '23', 'Section': '204', 'headtext': ' Federal lands access program', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/23/204'}, {'Title': '23', 'Section': '210', 'headtext': ' Defense access roads', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/23/210'}, {'Title': '23', 'Section': '308', 'headtext': ' Cooperation with Federal and State agencies and foreign countries', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/23/308'}, {'Title': '23', 'Section': '315', 'headtext': ' Rules, regulations, and recommendations', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/23/315'}, {'Title': '23', 'Section': '317', 'headtext': ' Appropriation for highway purposes of lands or interests in lands owned by the United States', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/23/317'}, {'Title': '23', 'Section': '323', 'headtext': ' Donations and credits', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/23/323'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '2000d', 'headtext': ' Prohibition against exclusion from participation in, denial of benefits of, and discrimination under federally assisted programs on ground of race, color, or national origin', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/2000d'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '2000d-1', 'headtext': ' Federal authority and financial assistance to programs or activities by way of grant, loan, or contract other than contract of insurance or guaranty; rules and regulations; approval by President; compliance with requirements; reports to Congressional committees; effective date of administrative action', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/2000d-1'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '2000d-2', 'headtext': ' Judicial review; administrative procedure provisions', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/2000d-2'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '2000d-3', 'headtext': ' Construction of provisions not to authorize administrative action with respect to employment practices except where primary objective of Federal financial assistance is to provide employment', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/2000d-3'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '2000d-4', 'headtext': ' Federal authority and financial assistance to programs or activities by way of contract of insurance or guaranty', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/2000d-4'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '2000d-4a', 'headtext': ' “Program or activity” and “program” defined', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/2000d-4a'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '2000d-5', 'headtext': ' Prohibited deferral of action on applications by local educational agencies seeking Federal funds for alleged noncompliance with Civil Rights Act', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/2000d-5'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '2000d-6', 'headtext': ' Policy of United States as to application of nondiscrimination provisions in schools of local educational agencies', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/2000d-6'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '2000d-7', 'headtext': ' Civil rights remedies equalization', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/2000d-7'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4633', 'headtext': ' Duties of lead agency', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4633'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4651', 'headtext': ' Uniform policy on real property acquisition practices', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4651'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4652', 'headtext': ' Buildings, structures, and improvements', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4652'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4653', 'headtext': ' Expenses incidental to transfer of title to United States', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4653'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4654', 'headtext': ' Litigation expenses', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4654'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4655', 'headtext': ' Requirements for uniform land acquisition policies; payments of expenses incidental to transfer of real property to State; payment of litigation expenses in certain cases', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4655'}], 'Statutes at Large': [{'Volume': '112', 'Page': '107', 'headtext': '112 Stat. 107', 'cleanpath': 'https://www.law.cornell.edu/rio/citation/112_Stat._107'}, {'Volume': '126', 'Page': '405', 'headtext': '126 Stat. 405', 'cleanpath': 'https://www.law.cornell.edu/rio/citation/126_Stat._405'}], 'Public Laws': [], 'Presidential Documents': []}