24 CFR § 30.35 - Mortgagees and lenders.

§ 30.35 Mortgagees and lenders.

(a) General. The Mortgagee Review Board may initiate a civil money penalty action against any mortgagee or lender who knowingly and materially:

(1) Violates the provisions listed in 12 U.S.C. 1735f–14(b);

(2) Fails to comply with the requirements of § 201.27(a) of this title regarding approval and supervision of dealers;

(3) Approves a dealer that has been suspended, debarred, or otherwise denied participation in HUD's programs;

(4) Makes a payment that is prohibited under § 202.5(l).

(5) Fails to remit, or timely remit, mortgage insurance premiums, loan insurance charges, or late charges or interest penalties;

(6) Permits loan documents for an FHA insured loan to be signed in blank by its agents or any other party to the loan transaction unless expressly approved by the Secretary;

(7) Fails to follow the mortgage assignment procedures set forth in § 203.664 of this title or in §§ 207.255 through 207.258b of this title.

(8) Fails to timely submit documents that are complete and accurate in connection with a conveyance of a property or a claim for insurance benefits, in accordance with §§ 203.365, 203.366, or 203.368, or a claim for insurance benefits in accordance with § 206.127 of this title;

(9) Fails to:

(i) Process requests for formal release of liability under an FHA insured mortgage;

(ii) Obtain a credit report, issued not more than 90 days prior to approval of a person as a borrower, as to the person's creditworthiness to assume an FHA insured mortgage;

(iii) Timely submit proper notification of a change in mortgagor or mortgagee as required by § 203.431 of this title;

(iv) Timely submit proper notification of mortgage insurance termination as required by § 203.318 of this title;

(v) Timely submit proper notification of a change in mortgage servicing as required by § 203.502 of this title; or

(vi) Report all delinquent mortgages to HUD, as required by § 203.330 of this title;

(10) Fails to service FHA insured mortgages, in accordance with the requirements of 24 CFR parts 201, 203, 206, and 235;

(11) Fails to fund loans that it originated, or otherwise misuses loan proceeds;

(12) Fails to comply with the conditions relating to the assignment or pledge of mortgages;

(13) Fails to comply with the provisions of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (12 U.S.C. 2601 et seq.), the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (15 U.S.C. 1691 et seq.), or the Fair Housing Act (42 U.S.C. 3601 et seq.);

(14) Fails to engage in loss mitigation as provided in § 203.605 of this title.

(b) Continuing violation. Each day that a violation continues shall constitute a separate violation.


(1) Amount of penalty. The maximum penalty is $11,864 for each violation, up to a limit of $2,372,677 for all violations committed during any one-year period. Each violation shall constitute a separate violation as to each mortgage or loan application.

(2) Maximum penalty for failing to engage in loss mitigation. The penalty for a violation of paragraph (a)(14) of this section shall be three times the amount of the total mortgage insurance benefits claimed by the mortgagee with respect to any mortgage for which the mortgagee failed to engage in such loss mitigation actions.

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