24 CFR § 350.2 - Definitions.

§ 350.2 Definitions.

(a)Specified Terms. As used in this part, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:

Book-entry Ginnie Mae Security. A Ginnie Mae Security issued or maintained in the Book-entry System. Book-entry Ginnie Mae Security also means the separate interest and principal components of a Book-entry Ginnie Mae Security if such security has been designated by Ginnie Mae as eligible for division into such components and the components are maintained separately on the books of one or more Federal Reserve Banks.

Book-entry System. The automated book-entry system operated by the Federal Reserve Banks acting as Depositories for Ginnie Mae, on which Book-entry Ginnie Mae Securities are recorded, transferred and maintained in book-entry form.

Definitive Ginnie Mae Security. A Ginnie Mae Security in engraved or printed form, or that is otherwise represented by a certificate.

Depository. A clearing corporation within the meaning of Article 8 of the Uniform Commercial Code, including any Federal Reserve Bank, that maintains systems by which ownership and transfer of interests in Book-entry Ginnie Mae Securities are made through entries on the books of such clearing corporation.

Eligible Book-entry Ginnie Mae Security. A Book-entry Ginnie Mae Security issued or maintained in the Book-entry System which by the terms of its Security Documentation is eligible to be converted from book-entry form into definitive form.

Entitlement Holder. A Person to whose account an interest in a Book-entry Ginnie Mae Security is credited on the records of a Securities Intermediary.

Federal Reserve Bank Operating Circular. The publication issued by each Federal Reserve Bank that sets forth the terms and conditions under which the Reserve Bank maintains book-entry securities accounts (including Book-entry Ginnie Mae Securities accounts) and transfers book-entry Securities (including Book-entry Ginnie Mae Securities).

Ginnie Mae Security. Any security or obligation guaranteed as to payment of principal and/or interest by Ginnie Mae under its Charter Act and issued in the form of a Definitive Ginnie Mae Security or a Book-entry Ginnie Mae Security.

Participant. A Person that maintains a Participant's Securities Account with a Federal Reserve Bank.

Person. An individual, corporation, company, governmental entity, association, firm, partnership, trust, estate, representative, and any other similar organization, but such term does not mean or include the United States or a Federal Reserve Bank.

Revised Article 8. The same meaning as in 31 CFR 357.2.

Secretary. The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and, where appropriate, any person designated by the Secretary to perform a particular function for the Secretary, including any HUD officer, employee, or agent.

Security. Any mortgage participation certificate, note, bond, debenture, evidence of indebtedness, collateral-trust certificate, transferable share, certificate of deposit for a security, or, in general, any interest or instrument commonly known as a security.

Securities Documentation. The applicable statement of terms, trust agreement, trust indenture, securities agreement or other documents establishing the terms of a Book-entry Ginnie Mae Security.

Transfer message. An instruction of a member of a Federal Reserve Bank to effect a transfer of a Book-entry Security (including a Book-entry Ginnie Mae Security) maintained in the Book-entry System, as set forth in Federal Reserve Bank Operating Circulars.

(b)Other Terms. Unless the context requires otherwise, terms used in this part that are not defined in this part, have the meanings as set forth in 31 CFR 357.2. Definitions and terms used in 31 CFR part 357 should read as though modified to effectuate their application to Ginnie Mae Securities.