24 CFR § 5.210 - Purpose, applicability, and Federal preemption.

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§ 5.210 Purpose, applicability, and Federal preemption.

(a) Purpose. This subpart B requires applicants for and participants in covered HUD programs to disclose, and submit documentation to verify, their Social Security Numbers (SSNs). This subpart B also enables HUD and PHAs to obtain income information about applicants and participants in the covered programs through computer matches with State Wage Information Collection Agencies (SWICAs) and Federal agencies, in order to verify an applicant's or participant's eligibility for or level of assistance. The purpose of this subpart B is to enable HUD to decrease the incidence of fraud, waste, and abuse in the covered programs.

(b) Applicability.

(1) This subpart B applies to mortgage and loan insurance and coinsurance and housing assistance programs contained in chapter II, subchapter B, and chapters VIII and IX of this title.

(2) The information covered by consent forms described in this subpart involves income information from SWICAs, and wages, net earnings from self-employment, payments of retirement income, and unearned income as referenced at 26 U.S.C. 6103. In addition, consent forms may authorize the collection of other information from applicants and participants to determine eligibility or level of benefits.

(c) Federal preemption. This subpart B preempts any State law, including restrictions and penalties, that governs the collection and use of income information to the extent State law is inconsistent with this subpart.

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