24 CFR § 904.304 - Functions of the HBA.

§ 904.304 Functions of the HBA.

(a) Subject to possible variations agreed to by the HBA and approved by HUD, the functions of the HBA shall include the following:

(1) Representing its members, individually and collectively, with respect to any deficiencies in the development or in the homes and with respect to fulfillment of the construction contract and related warranties;

(2) Representing its members, individually and collectively, in their relationships with the LHA and others in regard to financial matters such as monthly payments, credits to and charges against reserves, settlement upon vacating the home, acquisition of ownership, and other matters pertaining to operation and management of the development;

(3) Recommending policies and rules to the LHA for operation and management including rules concerning use of the common areas and community facilities;

(4) Participating in the operation of official grievance mechanisms;

(5) Advising and assisting its members regarding procedures and practices relative to the Earned Home Payments Account and the acquisition of homeownership;

(6) Participating with the LHA in periodic maintenance inspections of homes after occupancy, and making recommendations in case of disagreements arising out of maintenance inspections;

(7) Participating with the LHA in the selection of subsequent homebuyers;

(8) Coordinating, supervising, or managing the operation of credit union, child care, or other supportive services established for the development;

(9) Participating with the LHA in the establishment and implementation of policies related to collection of monthly payments, termination of occupancy, and resolution of hardship situations; and

(10) Performing management services as specified under contract with the Authority or with the Homeowners Association and participating in other activities pursuant to agreement with the LHA or with the Homeowners Association.

(b) In addition, the HBA may offer such special services as the following:

(1) The development of self-help such as consumer clubs, furniture and other co-ops, credit unions, transportation pools, and skill pools;

(2) Assisting homebuyers in acquiring group insurance;

(3) Developing programs and contracting for services such as child care centers to be located in the community facility where such a facility exists;

(4) Assisting homebuyers in their employment, especially by participating in skill development and apprenticeship programs in cooperation with local educational organizations;

(5) Assisting homebuyers in planning the management role of the HBA and in negotiating any contract for management services with the LHA.