24 CFR § 905.322 - Fiscal closeout.

§ 905.322 Fiscal closeout.

(a) General. Each Capital Fund grant and/or development project is subject to fiscal closeout. Fiscal closeout includes the submission of a cost certificate; an audit, if applicable; a final Performance and Evaluation Report; and HUD approval of the cost certificate.

(b) Submission of cost certificate.

(1) When an approved development or modernization activity is completed or when HUD terminates the activity, the PHA must submit to HUD the:

(i) Actual Development Cost Certificate (ADCC) within 12 months. For purposes of the CF ACC, costs incurred between the completion of the development and the date of full availability (DOFA) becomes the actual development cost; and

(ii) Actual Modernization Cost Certificate (AMCC) for each grant, no later than 12 months after the expenditure deadline but no earlier than the obligation end date. A PHA with under 250 units with an approved CFP 5-Year Action Plan for use of 100 percent of the Capital Fund grant in operations may submit the cost certificate any time after the funds have been budgeted to operations and withdrawn, as described in § 905.314(l) of this part.

(2) If the PHA does not submit the cost certificate and the final CFP Annual Statement/Performance and Evaluation Report within the period prescribed in this section, HUD may impose restrictions on open Capital Fund grants; e.g., establish review thresholds, set the grant to “auto review” (HUD automatically reviews it on a periodic basis), or suspend grants, until the cost certificate for the affected grant is submitted. These restrictions may be imposed by HUD after notification of the PHA.

(c) Audit. The cost certificate is a financial statement subject to audit pursuant to 2 CFR part 200, subpart F. After submission of the cost certificate to HUD, the PHA shall provide the cost certificate to its independent public auditor (IPA) as part of its annual audit. After audit, the PHA will notify HUD of the grants included in the audit, any exceptions noted by the PHA auditor, and the schedule to complete corrective actions recommended by the auditor.

(d) Review and approval. For PHAs exempt from the audit requirements, HUD will review and approve the cost certificate based on available information regarding the Capital Fund grant. For PHAs subject to an audit, HUD will review the information from the annual audit provided by the PHA and approve the certificate after all exceptions, if any, have been resolved.

(e) Recapture. All Capital Funds in excess of the actual cost incurred for the grant are subject to recapture. Any funds awarded to the PHA that are returned or any funds taken back from the PHA in a fiscal year after the grant was awarded are subject to recapture.

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