27 CFR § 19.75 - Major equipment.

§ 19.75 Major equipment.

As required by § 19.73(a)(9), the application for registration must include a list of the major plant equipment. If the equipment is set up and used for the production, storage, or processing of distilled spirits, wine, denatured spirits, or articles, the list must provide the following information:

(a) The serial number and capacity of each tank in the plant. The list does not need to include any bulk containers having a capacity of less than 101 wine gallons on the plant premises if those containers do not meet the criteria of a tank under § 19.182 (perks, small totes, etc.);

(b) The serial number, kind, capacity, and intended use of each still in the plant. The capacity is the estimated maximum proof gallons of spirits capable of being produced every 24 hours, or for column stills a statement of the diameter of the base and number of plates; and

(c) The serial number of each condenser.

(26 U.S.C. 5172, 5179)