29 CFR § 102.25 - Ruling on motions.

§ 102.25 Ruling on motions.

An Administrative Law Judge designated by the Chief Administrative Law Judge, the Deputy Chief Administrative Law Judge, or an Associate Chief Administrative Law Judge as the case may be, will rule on all prehearing motions (except as provided in §§ 102.16, 102.22, 102.29, and 102.50), and all such rulings and orders will be issued in writing and a copy served on each of the parties. The Administrative Law Judge designated to conduct the hearing will rule on all motions after opening of the hearing (except as provided in § 102.47), and any related orders, if announced at the hearing, will be stated orally on the record; in all other cases, the Administrative Law Judge will issue such rulings and orders in writing and must cause a copy to be served on each of the parties, or will make the ruling in the decision. Whenever the Administrative Law Judge has reserved ruling on any motion, and the proceeding is thereafter transferred to and continued before the Board pursuant to § 102.50, the Board must rule on such motion.