29 CFR 780.319 - Basic conditions of exemption.

§ 780.319 Basic conditions of exemption.
(a) Section 13(a)(6)(D) applies to an employee engaged in agriculture who meets all of the following tests:
(1) Is not a local hand harvest laborer,
(2) Is 16 years of age or under,
(3) Is employed as a hand harvest laborer,
(4) Is paid on a piece rate basis,
(5) Is employed in an operation which has been, and is customarily and generally recognized as having been, paid on a piece rate basis in the region of employment,
(6) Is employed on the same farm as his parent or person standing in the place of his parent, and
(7) Is paid at the same piece rate as employees over age 16 are paid on the same farms.
(b) Some of these requirements which are common to both sections 13(a)(6)(C) and 13(a)(6)(D) have already been discussed in connection with section 13(a)(6)(C) and need not be repeated. They are found in §§ 780.311 (employed in agriculture), 780.312 (hand harvest laborer), 780.313 (piece rate basis), and 780.314 (operations customarily * * * paid on a piece rate basis). The other requirements are discussed in the following sections.

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