30 CFR § 203.62 - How do I apply for relief?

§ 203.62 How do I apply for relief?

(a) You must send a complete application and the required fee to the BSEE Regional Director for your region.

(b) Your application for royalty relief offshore Alaska or in deep water in the GOM must include an original and two copies (one set of digital information) of:

(1) Administrative information report;

(2) Economic viability and relief justification report;

(3) G&G report;

(4) Engineering report;

(5) Production report; and

(6) Cost report.

(c) Section 203.82 explains why we are authorized to require these reports.

(d) Sections 203.81, 203.83, and 203.85 through 203.89 describe what these reports must include. The BSEE regional office for your region will guide you on the format for the required reports, and we encourage you to contact this office before preparing your application for this guidance.