30 CFR § 203.63 - Does my application have to include all leases in the field?

§ 203.63 Does my application have to include all leases in the field?

(a) For authorized fields, we will accept only one joint application for all leases that are part of the designated field on the date of application, except as provided in paragraph (a)(3) of this section and § 203.64. However, we will evaluate all acreage that may eventually become part of the authorized field. Therefore, if you have any other leases that you believe may eventually be part of the authorized field, you must submit data for these leases according to § 203.81.

(1) The Regional Director maintains a Field Names Master List with updates of all leases in each designated field.

(2) To avoid sharing proprietary data with other lessees on the field, you may submit your proprietary G&G report separately from the rest of your application. Your application is not complete until we receive all the required information for each lease on the field. We will not disclose proprietary data when explaining our assumptions and reasons for our determinations under § 203.67.

(3) We will not require a joint application if you show good cause and honest effort to get all lessees in the field to participate. If you must exclude a lease from your application because its lessee will not participate, that lease is ineligible for the royalty relief for the designated field.

(b) If your application seeks only relief for a development project or an expansion project, your application does not have to include all leases in the field.