30 CFR § 203.84 - What is in a net revenue and relief justification report?

§ 203.84 What is in a net revenue and relief justification report?

This report presents cash flow data for 12 qualifying months, using the format specified in the “Guidelines for the Application, Review, Approval, and Administration of Royalty Relief for End-of-Life Leases”, U.S. Department of the Interior, BSEE. Qualifying months for an oil and gas lease are the most recent 12 months out of the last 15 months that you produced at least 100 BOE per day on average. Qualifying months for other than oil and gas leases are the most recent 12 of the last 15 months having some production.

(a) The cash flow table you submit must include historical data for:

(1) Lease production subject to royalty;

(2) Total revenues;

(3) Royalty payments out of production;

(4) Total allowable costs; and

(5) Transportation and processing costs.

(b) Do not include in your cash flow table the non-allowable costs listed at 30 CFR 1220.013 or:

(1) OCS rental payments on the lease(s) in the application;

(2) Damages and losses;

(3) Taxes;

(4) Any costs associated with exploratory activities;

(5) Civil or criminal fines or penalties;

(6) Fees for your royalty relief application; and

(7) Costs associated with existing obligations (e.g., royalty overrides or other forms of payment for acquiring the lease, depreciation on previously acquired equipment or facilities).

(c) We may, in reviewing and evaluating your application, disallow costs when you have not shown they are necessary to operate the lease, or if they are inconsistent with end-of-life operations.