30 CFR § 250.740 - What records must I keep?

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§ 250.740 What records must I keep?

You must keep a daily report consisting of complete, legible, and accurate records for each well. You must keep records onsite while well operations continue. After completion of operations, you must keep all operation and other well records for the time periods shown in § 250.741 at a location of your choice, except as required in § 250.746. The records must contain complete information on all of the following:

(a) Well operations, all testing conducted, and any real-time monitoring data as required by § 250.724;

(b) Descriptions of formations penetrated;

(c) Content and character of oil, gas, water, and other mineral deposits in each formation;

(d) Kind, weight, size, grade, and setting depth of casing;

(e) All well logs and surveys run in the wellbore;

(f) Any significant malfunction or problem; and

(g) All other information required by the District Manager as appropriate to ensure compliance with the requirements of this section and to enable BSEE to determine that the well operations are consistent with conservation of natural resources and protection of safety and the environment on the OCS.