30 CFR § 250.800 - General.

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§ 250.800 General.

(a) You must design, install, use, maintain, and test production safety equipment in a manner to ensure the safety and protection of the human, marine, and coastal environments. For production safety systems operated in subfreezing climates, you must use equipment and procedures that account for floating ice, icing, and other extreme environmental conditions that may occur in the area. Before you commence production on a new production facility:

(1) BSEE must approve your production safety system application, as required in § 250.842.

(2) You must request a preproduction inspection by notifying the District Manager at least 72 hours before you plan to commence initial production, as required under § 250.880(a)(1).

(b) For all new production systems on fixed leg platforms, you must comply with API RP 14J (incorporated by reference as specified in § 250.198);

(c) For all new floating production systems (FPSs) (e.g., column-stabilized-units (CSUs); floating production, storage and offloading facilities (FPSOs); tension-leg platforms (TLPs); and spars), you must:

(1) Comply with API RP 14J;

(2) Meet the production riser standards of API RP 2RD (incorporated by reference as specified in § 250.198), provided that you may not install single bore production risers from floating production facilities;

(3) Design all stationkeeping (i.e., anchoring and mooring) systems for floating production facilities to meet the standards of API RP 2SK and API RP 2SM (both incorporated by reference as specified in § 250.198); and

(4) Design stationkeeping (i.e., anchoring and mooring) systems for floating facilities to meet the structural requirements of §§ 250.900 through 250.921.

(d) If there are any conflicts between the documents incorporated by reference and the requirements of this subpart, you must follow the requirements of this subpart.

(e) You may use alternate procedures or equipment during operations after receiving approval from the District Manager. You must present your proposed alternate procedures or equipment as required by § 250.141.

(f) You may apply for a departure from the operating requirements of this subpart as provided by § 250.142. Your written request must include a justification showing why the departure is necessary and appropriate.

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