30 CFR § 250.918 - What are the CVA's primary duties during the installation phase?

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§ 250.918 What are the CVA's primary duties during the installation phase?

(a) The CVA must use good engineering judgment and practice in conducting an independent assessment of the installation activities.

(b) Primary duties of the CVA during the installation phase include the following:

The CVA must . . . Operation or equipment to be inspected . . .
(1) Verify, as appropriate, (i) Loadout and initial flotation operations;
(ii) Towing operations to the specified location, and review the towing records;
(iii) Launching and uprighting operations;
(iv) Submergence operations;
(v) Pile or anchor installations;
(vi) Installation of mooring and tethering systems;
(vii) Final deck and component installations; and
(viii) Installation at the approved location according to the approved design and the installation plan.
(2) Witness (for a fixed or floating platform), (i) The loadout of the jacket, decks, piles, or structures from each fabrication site;
(ii) The actual installation of the platform or major modification and the related installation activities.
(3) Witness (for a floating platform), (i) The loadout of the platform;
(ii) The installation of drilling, production, and pipeline risers, and riser tensioning systems (at least for the initial installation of these elements);
(iii) The installation of turrets and turret-and-hull interfaces;
(iv) The installation of foundation pilings and templates, and anchoring systems; and
(v) The installation of the mooring and tethering systems.
(4) Conduct an onsite survey, Survey the platform after transportation to the approved location.
(5) Spot-check as necessary to determine compliance with the applicable documents listed in § 250.901(a); the alternative codes, rules and standards approved under § 250.901(b); the requirements listed in § 250.903 and §§ 250.906 through 250.908 of this subpart and the approved plans, (i) Equipment;
(ii) Procedures; and
(iii) Recordkeeping.

(c) The CVA must submit interim reports and a final report to the Regional Supervisor, and to you, during the installation phase in accordance with the approved schedule required by § 250.911(d). In each interim and final report the CVA must:

(1) Give details of how, by whom, and when the independent monitoring activities were conducted;

(2) Describe the CVA's activities during the verification process;

(3) Summarize the CVA's findings;

(4) Confirm or deny compliance with the approved installation plan;

(5) In the final report, make a recommendation to accept or reject the installation unless such a recommendation has been previously made in an interim report; and

(6) Provide any additional comments that the CVA deems necessary.