31 CFR § 535.208 - Evasions; effective date.

§ 535.208 Evasions; effective date.

(a) Any transaction for the purpose of, or which has the effect of, evading or avoiding any of the prohibitions set forth in this subpart is hereby prohibited.

(b) The term effective date means, with respect to transactions prohibited in § 535.201, 8:10 a.m. eastern standard time, November 14, 1979, and with respect to the transactions prohibited in §§ 535.206 and 535.207, 4:19 p.m. eastern standard time, April 7, 1980.

(c) With respect to any amendments of the foregoing sections or any other amendments to this part the term “effective date” shall mean the date of filing with the Federal Register.

[45 FR 24433, Apr. 9, 1980, as amended at 45 FR 26940, Apr. 21, 1980]