32 CFR § 1656.11 - Job performance standards and sanctions.

§ 1656.11 Job performance standards and sanctions.

(a) Standards of Performance. An ASW is responsible for adhering to the standards of conduct, attitude, appearance and performance demanded by the employer of his other employees in similar jobs. If there are no other employees, the standards shall conform to those that are reasonable and customary in a similar job.

(b) Failure to Perform. An ASW will be deemed to have failed to perform satisfactorily whenever:

(1) He refuses to comply with an order of the Director issued under this part;

(2) He refuses employment by an approved employer who agrees to hire him;

(3) His employer terminates the ASW's employment because his conduct, attitude, appearance or performance violates reasonable employer standards; or

(4) He quits or leaves his job without reasonable justification, and has not submitted an appeal of his job assignment to the District Appeal Board.

(c) Sanctions for ASW's Failure to Perform.

(1) The sanctions for failure to meet his Alternative Service obligation are job reassignment, loss of creditable time during such period and referral to the Department of Justice for failure to comply with the Military Selective Service Act.

(2) Prior to invoking any of the sanctions discussed herein, the ASO will conduct a review as prescribed in § 1656.17 of all allegations that an ASW has failed to perform pursuant to any of the provisions of § 1656.11(b).

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