32 CFR § 1656.17 - Administrative complaint process.

§ 1656.17 Administrative complaint process.

(a) Whenever the ASOM learns that the ASW may have failed to perform satisfactorily his work (see § 1656.11(b)) or he receives a complaint by an employer or an ASW involving the ASW's work other than matters described in § 1656.8(b) of this part, he shall take necessary action to:

(1) Interview, as appropriate, all parties concerned to obtain information relevant to the problems or complaints;

(2) Place a written summary of each interview in the ASW's file and employer's file;

(3) Inform the persons interviewed that they may prepare and submit to him within ten days after the interview their personal written statements concerning the problem;

(4) Place such statements in the ASW's file; and

(5) Resolve the matter.

(b) The employer or ASW may seek a review of the decision pursuant to § 1656.17(a)(5). Such request must be filed in writing with the ASO, for action by the State Director of Selective Service, within ten days after the date the notice of the decision is transmitted to the ASW and employer.