32 CFR § 536.70 - Preparation and forwarding of payment vouchers.

§ 536.70 Preparation and forwarding of payment vouchers.

(a) An unrepresented claimant will be listed as the sole payee. Joint claimants will not be listed since settlement agreements must specify the amount payable to each claimant individually and each must be issued a separate check.

(b) When a claimant is represented by an attorney, only one payment voucher will be issued with the claimant and the attorney as joint payees. The payment will be sent to the office of the claimant's attorney. The attorney of record, either an individual or firm designated by the claimant, will be the co-payee. If claimant has been represented by other attorneys in the same claim, such attorneys will not be listed as payees, even if they have a lien. Satisfaction of any such fee will be a matter between the claimant and such attorney. If payment is made by electronic transfer, the funds will be paid into the account of the claimant. However, if requested, the payment may be made into the attorney's escrow account provided the claimant has provided written authorization.

(c) In a structured settlement the structured settlement broker will be the sole payee, who is authorized to issue checks for the amounts set forth in the settlement agreement. The up-front cash payment may be deposited into an escrow account established for the benefit of the claimant.

(d) If a claimant is a minor or has been declared incompetent by a court or other authority authorized to do so, payment will be made to the court-appointed guardian of the minor or incompetent, at a financial institution approved by the court approving the settlement.

(e) If the claimant is representing a deceased's estate on a wrongful death claim, or a survival action on behalf of the deceased, the payment will be made to the court-appointed representative of the estate. No payment will be made directly to the estate.

Note to § 536.70:

See also § 536.63 and DA Pam 27-162, paragraphs 2-73 and 2-81.