32 CFR § 536.71 - Fund sources.

§ 536.71 Fund sources.

(a) 31 U.S.C. 1304 sets forth the type and limits of claims payable out of the Judgment Fund. Only final payments that are not payable out of agency funds are allowable, per the Treasury Financial Manual, Volume I, Part 6, Chapter 3110, at Section 3115, September 2000. Threshold amounts for payment from the judgment fund vary according to the subpart and statutes under which a claim is processed. To determine the threshold amount for any given payment procedure one must arrive at a sum of all awards for all claims arising out of that incident, including derivative claims. A joint amount is not acceptable. A claim for injury to a spouse or a child is a separate claim from one for loss of consortium or services by a spouse or parent. The monetary limits of $2,500 set forth in subpart D and $100,000 set forth in subparts C, F or J of this part, apply to each separate claim.

(b) A claim for $2,500 or less arising under subpart D or E, or under §§ 536.107 through 536.113 of subpart G, is paid from the open claims allotment (see AR 27-20 paragraph 13-6 b(1)) or, if arising from a project funded by a civil works appropriation, from COE civil works funds. The Department of the Treasury pays any settlement exceeding $2,500 in its entirety, from the Judgment Fund. However, if a subpart G of this part, §§ 536.107 through 536.113 claim is treated as a noncombat activity claim, payment is made as set forth in paragraph (c) of this section.

(c) The first $100,000 for each claimant on a claim settled under subparts C, F or J of this part is paid from the open claims allotment. Any amount over $100,000 is paid out of the Judgment Fund.

(d) If not over $500,000, a claim arising under subpart H of this part is paid from the open claims allotment or civil works project funds as appropriate. A claim exceeding $500,000 is paid entirely by a deficiency appropriation.

(e) AAFES or NAFI claims are paid from nonappropriated funds, except when such claims are subject to apportionment between appropriated and nonappropriated funds. See DA Pam 27-162, paragraph 2-80h.

(f) COE claims arising out of projects not funded out of civil works project funds are payable from the open claims allotment not to exceed $2,500 for subpart D claims and $100,000 for claims arising from subparts C, F or J of this part and from the Judgment Fund, over such amounts.

Note to § 536.71:

For further discussion see DA Pam 27-162, paragraph 2-80.