33 CFR § 151.08 - Denial of entry.

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§ 151.08 Denial of entry.

(a) Unless a ship is entering under force majeure, no oceangoing tanker or any other oceangoing ship of 400 gross tons or more required by § 151.10 to retain oil, oil residue, or oily mixtures on board while at sea, and no oceangoing ship carrying a Category A, B, or C NLS cargo or NLS residue in cargo tanks that are required to be prewashed under 46 CFR Part 153, may enter any port or terminal under § 158.110(a) of this chapter unless the port or terminal has a Certificate of Adequacy, as defined in § 158.120 of this chapter.

(b) A COTP may deny the entry of a ship to a port or terminal under § 158.110(b) if -

(1) The port or terminal does not have a Certificate of Adequacy, as required in § 158.135 of this chapter; or

(2) The port or terminal is not in compliance with the requirements of subpart D of part 158.

[CGD 88-002, 54 FR 18404, Apr. 28, 1989, as amended by USCG-2000-7641, 66 FR 55570, Nov. 2, 2001]