33 CFR § 151.59 - Placards.

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§ 151.59 Placards.

(a) The master or person in charge of a ship, including a drilling rig or platform, to which this section applies shall ensure that one or more placards meeting the requirements of this section are displayed in prominent locations and in sufficient numbers so that they can be read by the crew and passengers. These locations must be readily accessible to the intended reader and may include embarkation points, food service facilities, garbage handling spaces, living spaces, and common areas on deck. If the Captain of the Port (COTP) determines that the number or location of the placards is insufficient to adequately inform crew and passengers, the COTP may require additional placards and may specify their locations.

(b) Each placard must be at least 20 cm (8 in) wide by 12 1/2 cm (5 in) high, made of a durable material, and legible.

(c) At a minimum, each placard must notify the reader of the operating requirements contained in §§ 151.67 through 151.73 as they apply to that ship. The following requirements should also be prominently stated:

(1) The discharge of all garbage is prohibited into the navigable waters of the United States and into all other waters except as specifically allowed;

(2) The discharge of all forms of plastic into all waters is prohibited;

(3) A person who violates the above requirements is liable for civil and/or criminal penalties; and

(4) Regional, state, and local restrictions on garbage discharges also may apply.

(d) For ships while operating on the Great Lakes or their connecting or tributary waters, the placard must -

(1) Notify the reader of the information in paragraph (c) of this section; or

(2) Notify the reader of the following:

(i) Except as allowed by § 151.66, the discharge of all garbage into the Great Lakes or their connecting or tributary waters is prohibited; and

(ii) A person who violates the above requirements is liable for a civil penalty for each violation, and the criminal penalties of a class D felony.

[USCG-2012-1049, 78 FR 13492, Feb. 28, 2013]