33 CFR § 157.17 - Oil residue (sludge) tank.

§ 157.17 Oil residue (sludge) tank.

(a) A tank vessel of 400 gross tons or more must have a tank that receives and holds oil residue resulting from purification of fuel and lubricating oil and from oil leakages in machinery spaces.

(b) Each oil residue (sludge) tank required in paragraph (a) of this section must have an adequate capacity that is determined by the:

(1) Type of machinery installed on the vessel; and

(2) Maximum fuel oil capacity.

(c) Each oil residue (sludge) tank on a new vessel must be designed to facilitate:

(1) Cleaning; and

(2) Discharging to a reception facility.

[CGD 74-32, 40 FR 48283, Oct. 14, 1975, as amended by CGD 80-78, 45 FR 43704, June 30, 1980; USCG-2000-7641, 66 FR 55573, Nov. 2, 2001]

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