34 CFR § 76.130 - How are consolidated grants made?

§ 76.130 How are consolidated grants made?

(a) The Secretary annually makes a single consolidated grant to each Insular Area that meets the requirements of §§ 76.125 through 76.137 and each program under which the grant funds are to be used and administered.

(b) The Secretary may decide that one or more programs cannot be included in the consolidated grant if the Secretary determines that the Insular Area failed to meet the program objectives stated in its plan for the previous fiscal year in which it carried out the programs.

(c) Under a consolidated grant, an Insular Area may use a single advisory council for any or all of the programs that require an advisory council.

(d) Although Pub. L. 95-134 authorizies the Secretary to consolidate grant funds that the Department awards to an Insular Area, it does not confer eligibility for any grant funds. The eligibility of a particular Insular Area to receive grant funds under a Federal education program is determined under the statute and regulations for that program.

(Authority: 48 U.S.C. 1469a)
[47 FR 17421, Apr. 22, 1982]