36 CFR § 1008.15 - Requests for access to records: Initial decision.

§ 1008.15 Requests for access to records: Initial decision.

(a) Acknowledgements of requests. Upon receipt of a request, the Presidio Trust ordinarily will send an acknowledgement letter to the requester which will confirm the requester's agreement to pay fees and will provide an assigned request number for further reference.

(b) Decisions on requests. A request made under this part for access to a record shall be granted promptly unless the record:

(1) Was compiled in reasonable anticipation of a civil action or proceeding; or

(2) Is contained in a system of records which has been excepted from the access provisions of the Privacy Act by rulemaking.

(c) Authority to deny requests. A decision to deny a request for access under this part shall be made by the Privacy Act Officer in consultation with the General Counsel.

(d) Form of decision.

(1) No particular form is required for a decision granting access to a record. The decision shall, however, advise the individual requesting the record as to where and when the record is available for inspection or, as the case may be, where and when copies will be available. If fees are due under § 1008.15(e), the individual requesting the record shall also be notified of the amount of fees due or, if the exact amount has not been determined, the approximate amount of fees due.

(2) A decision denying a request for access, in whole or part, shall be in writing and shall:

(i) State the basis for denial of the request;

(ii) Contain a statement that the denial may be appealed to the Executive Director pursuant to § 1008.16 by writing to the Executive Director, The Presidio Trust, P.O. Box 29052, San Francisco, CA 94129-0052; and

(iii) State that the appeal must be received by the foregoing official within 20 working days of the date of the decision.

(3) If the decision denying a request for access involves records which fall under the jurisdiction of another agency, the individual shall be informed in a written response which shall:

(i) State the reasons for the denial;

(ii) Include the name, position title, and address of the official responsible for the denial; and

(iii) Advise the individual that an appeal of the declination may be made only to the appropriate official of the relevant agency, and include that official's name, position title, and address.

(4) Copies of decisions denying requests for access made pursuant to paragraphs (d)(2) and (d)(3) of this section will be provided to the Privacy Act Officer.

(e) Fees.

(1) No fees may be charged for the cost of searching for or reviewing a record in response to a request made under § 1008.14.

(2) Unless the Privacy Act Officer determines that reduction or waiver of fees is appropriate, fees for copying a record in response to a request made under § 1008.14 shall be charged in accordance with the provisions of this section and the current schedule of charges determined by the Executive Director and published on the Trust's website. Such charges shall be set at the level necessary to recoup the full allowable direct costs to the Trust.

(3) Where it is anticipated that fees chargeable in connection with a request will exceed the amount the person submitting the request has indicated a willingness to pay, the Privacy Act Officer shall notify the requester and shall not complete processing of the request until the requester has agreed, in writing, to pay fees as high as are anticipated.

[83 FR 50836, Oct. 10, 2018]

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