36 CFR § 1222.24 - How do agencies establish recordkeeping requirements?

§ 1222.24 How do agencies establish recordkeeping requirements?

(a) Agencies must ensure that procedures, directives and other issuances; systems planning and development documentation; and other relevant records include recordkeeping requirements for records in all media, including those records created or received on electronic mail systems. Recordkeeping requirements must:

(1) Identify and prescribe specific categories of records to be systematically created or received and maintained by agency personnel in the course of their official duties;

(2) Specify the use of materials and recording techniques that ensure the preservation of records as long as they are needed by the Government;

(3) Specify the manner in which these materials must be maintained wherever held;

(4) Propose how long records must be maintained for agency business through the scheduling process in part 1225 of this subchapter;

(5) Distinguish records from nonrecord materials and comply with the provisions in Subchapter B concerning records scheduling and disposition;

(6) Include procedures to ensure that departing officials and employees do not remove Federal records from agency custody and remove nonrecord materials only in accordance with § 1222.18;

(7) Define the special recordkeeping responsibilities of program managers, information technology staff, systems administrators, and the general recordkeeping responsibilities of all agency employees.

(b) Agencies must provide the training described in § 1220.34(f) of this subchapter and inform all employees that they are responsible and accountable for keeping accurate and complete records of their activities.