36 CFR § 214.10 - Dismissal of an appeal.

§ 214.10 Dismissal of an appeal.

(a) The Appeal Deciding Officer shall dismiss an appeal without review when one or more of the following applies:

(1) The appeal is not filed within the required time period.

(2) The person or entity that filed the appeal is not a holder, an operator, or a solicited applicant of a written authorization that is the subject of the appealable decision.

(3) The decision is not appealable under this part.

(4) The appeal does not meet the content requirements specified in § 214.8(a), provided that an appeal may not be dismissed for failure to include an appraisal report which has not been completed by the filing deadline.

(5) The appellant withdraws the appeal.

(6) The Responsible Official withdraws the written decision that was appealed.

(7) An informal resolution of the dispute is reached pursuant to § 214.15 or a mediated agreement of a term grazing dispute is achieved pursuant to 36 CFR part 222, subpart B.

(8) The requested relief cannot be granted under applicable facts, laws, regulations, or policies.

(b) The Appeal Deciding Officer shall give written notice of the dismissal of an appeal and shall set forth the reasons for dismissal.