38 CFR § 74.3 - Who does CVE consider to own a veteran-owned small business?

§ 74.3 Who does CVE consider to own a veteran-owned small business?

(a) Ownership. Ownership is determined in accordance with 13 CFR part 125. However, where 13 CFR part 125 is limited to SD VOSBs, CVE applies the same ownership criteria to firms seeking verified VOSB status.

(b) Change of ownership.

(1) A participant may remain eligible after a change in its ownership or business structure, so long as one or more veterans own and control it after the change. The participant must file an updated VA Form 0877 and supporting documentation identifying the new veteran owners or the new business interest within 30 days of the change.

(2) Any participant that is performing contracts and desires to substitute one veteran owner for another shall submit a proposed novation agreement and supporting documentation in accordance with FAR subpart 42.12 to the contracting officer prior to the substitution or change of ownership for approval.

(3) Where the transfer results from the death or incapacity due to a serious, long-term illness or injury of an eligible principal, prior approval is not required, but the concern must file an updated VA Form 0877 with CVE within 60 days of the change. Existing contracts may be performed to the end of the instant term. However, no options may be exercised.

(4) Continued eligibility of the participant with new ownership requires that CVE verify that all eligibility requirements are met by the concern and the new owners.

[83 FR 48230, Sept. 24, 2018]