40 CFR § 1068.220 - Exempting display engines/equipment.

§ 1068.220 Exempting display engines/equipment.

(a) Anyone may request an exemption for display engines/equipment.

(b) Nonconforming display engines/equipment will be exempted if they are used only for displays in the interest of a business or the general public. This exemption does not apply to engines/equipment displayed for private use, private collections, or any other purpose we determine is inappropriate for a display exemption.

(c) You may operate the exempted engine/equipment, but only if we approve specific operation that is part of the display, or is necessary for the display (possibly including operation that is indirectly necessary for the display). We may consider any relevant factor in our approval process, including the extent of the operation, the overall emission impact, and whether the engine/equipment meets emission requirements of another country.

(d) You may sell or lease the exempted engine/equipment only with our advance approval.

(e) To use this exemption, you must add a permanent label to all engines/equipment exempted under this section, consistent with § 1068.45, with at least the following items:


(2) Your corporate name and trademark.

(3) Engine displacement, family identification, and model year of the engine/equipment (as applicable), or whom to contact for further information.

(4) The statement: “THIS [engine, equipment, vehicle, etc.] IS EXEMPT UNDER 40 CFR 1068.220 FROM EMISSION STANDARDS AND RELATED REQUIREMENTS.”

(f) We may set other conditions for approval of this exemption.

[81 FR 74226, Oct. 25, 2016]

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