40 CFR § 144.24 - Class V wells.

§ 144.24 Class V wells.

(a) A Class V injection well is authorized by rule, subject to the conditions in § 144.84

(b) Duration of well authorization by rule. Well authorization under this section expires upon the effective date of a permit issued pursuant to §§ 144.25, 144.31, 144.33 or 144.34, or upon proper closure of the well.

(c) Prohibition of injection. An owner or operator of a well which is authorized by rule pursuant to this section is prohibited from injecting into the well:

(1) Upon the effective date of an applicable permit denial;

(2) Upon failure to submit a permit application in a timely manner pursuant to §§ 144.25 or 144.31;

(3) Upon failure to submit inventory information in a timely manner pursuant to § 144.26; or

(4) Upon failure to comply with a request for information in a timely manner pursuant to § 144.27.

[58 FR 63896, Dec. 3, 1993, as amended at 64 FR 68566, Dec. 7, 1999]