40 CFR § 144.27 - Requiring other information.

§ 144.27 Requiring other information.

(a) For EPA administered programs only, in addition to the inventory requirements of § 144.26, the Regional Administrator may require the owner or operator of any well authorized by rule under this subpart to submit information as deemed necessary by the Regional Administrator to determine whether a well may be endangering an underground source of drinking water in violation of § 144.12 of this part.

(b) Such information requirements may include, but are not limited to:

(1) Performance of ground-water monitoring and the periodic submission of reports of such monitoring;

(2) An analysis of injected fluids, including periodic submission of such analyses; and

(3) A description of the geologic strata through and into which injection is taking place.

(c) Any request for information under this section shall be made in writing, and include a brief statement of the reasons for requiring the information. An owner or operator shall submit the information within the time period(s) provided in the notice.

(d) An owner or operator of an injection well authorized by rule under this subpart is prohibited from injecting into the well upon failure of the owner or operator to comply with a request for information within the time period(s) specified by the Director pursuant to paragraph (c) of this section. An owner or operator of a well prohibited from injection under this section shall not resume injection except under a permit issued pursuant to §§ 144.25, 144.31, 144.33 or 144.34.

[49 FR 20182, May 11, 1984, as amended at 58 FR 63896, Dec. 3, 1993]