40 CFR § 25.10 - Rulemaking.

§ 25.10 Rulemaking.

(a) EPA shall invite and consider written comments on proposed and interim regulations from any interested or affected persons and organizations. All such comments shall be part of the public record, and a copy of each comment shall be available for public inspection. EPA will maintain a docket of comments received and any Agency responses. Notices of proposed and interim rulemaking, as well as final rules and regulations, shall be distributed in accordance with § 25.4(c) to interested or affected persons promptly after publication. Each notice shall include information as to the availability of the full texts of rules and regulations (where these are not set forth in the notice itself) and places where copying facilities are available at reasonable cost to the public. Under Executive Order 12044 (March 23, 1978), further EPA guidance will be issued concerning public participation in EPA rulemaking. A Responsiveness Summary shall be published as part of the preamble to interim and final regulations. In addition to providing opportunity for written comments on proposed and interim regulations, EPA may choose to hold a public hearing.

(b) State rulemaking specified in § 25.2(a)(1) shall be in accord with the requirements of paragraph (a) of this section or with the State's administrative procedures act, if one exists. However, in the event of conflict between a provision of paragraph (a) of this section and a provision of a State's administrative procedures act, the State's law shall apply.

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