40 CFR § 280.34 - Reporting and recordkeeping.

§ 280.34 Reporting and recordkeeping.

Owners and operators of UST systems must cooperate fully with inspections, monitoring and testing conducted by the implementing agency, as well as requests for document submission, testing, and monitoring by the owner or operator pursuant to section 9005 of Subtitle I of the Solid Waste Disposal Act, as amended.

(a) Reporting. Owners and operators must submit the following information to the implementing agency:

(1) Notification for all UST systems (§ 280.22), which includes certification of installation for new UST systems (§ 280.20(e)) and notification when any person assumes ownership of an UST system (§ 280.22(b));

(2) Notification prior to UST systems switching to certain regulated substances (§ 280.32(b));

(3) Reports of all releases including suspected releases (§ 280.50), spills and overfills (§ 280.53), and confirmed releases (§ 280.61);

(4) Corrective actions planned or taken including initial abatement measures (§ 280.62), initial site characterization (§ 280.63), free product removal (§ 280.64), investigation of soil and groundwater cleanup (§ 280.65), and corrective action plan (§ 280.66); and

(5) A notification before permanent closure or change-in-service (§ 280.71).

(b) Recordkeeping. Owners and operators must maintain the following information:

(1) A corrosion expert's analysis of site corrosion potential if corrosion protection equipment is not used (§ 280.20(a)(4); § 280.20(b)(3)).

(2) Documentation of operation of corrosion protection equipment (§ 280.31(d));

(3) Documentation of compatibility for UST systems (§ 280.32(c));

(4) Documentation of UST system repairs (§ 280.33(g));

(5) Documentation of compliance for spill and overfill prevention equipment and containment sumps used for interstitial monitoring of piping (§ 280.35(c));

(6) Documentation of periodic walkthrough inspections (§ 280.36(b));

(7) Documentation of compliance with release detection requirements (§ 280.45);

(8) Results of the site investigation conducted at permanent closure (§ 280.74); and

(9) Documentation of operator training (§ 280.245).

(c) Availability and maintenance of records. Owners and operators must keep the records required either:

(1) At the UST site and immediately available for inspection by the implementing agency; or

(2) At a readily available alternative site and be provided for inspection to the implementing agency upon request.

(3) In the case of permanent closure records required under § 280.74, owners and operators are also provided with the additional alternative of mailing closure records to the implementing agency if they cannot be kept at the site or an alternative site as indicated in paragraphs (c)(1) and (2) of this section.