40 CFR § 51.118 - Stack height provisions.

§ 51.118 Stack height provisions.

(a) The plan must provide that the degree of emission limitation required of any source for control of any air pollutant must not be affected by so much of any source's stack height that exceeds good engineering practice or by any other dispersion technique, except as provided in § 51.118(b). The plan must provide that before a State submits to EPA a new or revised emission limitation that is based on a good engineering practice stack height that exceeds the height allowed by § 51.100(ii) (1) or (2), the State must notify the public of the availabilty of the demonstration study and must provide opportunity for a public hearing on it. This section does not require the plan to restrict, in any manner, the actual stack height of any source.

(b) The provisions of § 51.118(a) shall not apply to (1) stack heights in existence, or dispersion techniques implemented on or before December 31, 1970, except where pollutants are being emitted from such stacks or using such dispersion techniques by sources, as defined in section 111(a)(3) of the Clean Air Act, which were constructed, or reconstructed, or for which major modifications, as defined in §§ 51.165(a)(1)(v)(A), 51.166(b)(2)(i) and 52.21(b)(2)(i), were carried out after December 31, 1970; or (2) coal-fired steam electric generating units subject to the provisions of section 118 of the Clean Air Act, which commenced operation before July 1, 1957, and whose stacks were construced under a construction contract awarded before February 8, 1974.