40 CFR § 86.001-23 - Required data.

§ 86.001-23 Required data.

Section 86.001-23 includes text that specifies requirements that differ from § 86.098-23. Where a paragraph in § 86.098-23 is identical and applicable to § 86.001-23, this may be indicated by specifying the corresponding paragraph and the statement “[Reserved]. For guidance see § 86.098-23.”

(a)-(b)(1) [Reserved]. For guidance see § 86.098-23.


(2) For light-duty vehicles and light-duty trucks, the manufacturer shall submit evaporative emission and/or refueling emission deterioration factors for each evaporative/refueling emission family-emission control system combination and all test data that are derived from testing described under § 86.001-21(b)(4)(i) designed and conducted in accordance with good engineering practice to assure that the vehicles covered by a certificate issued under § 86.001-30 will meet the evaporative and/or refueling emission standards in § 86.099-8 or § 86.001-9, as appropriate, for the useful life of the vehicle.


(3) and (b)(4) [Reserved]. For guidance see § 86.098-23.

(c) Emission data (1) [Reserved]


(2)-(e)(1) [Reserved]. For guidance see § 86.098-23.


(2) For evaporative and refueling emissions durability, or light-duty truck or HDE exhaust emissions durability, a statement of compliance with paragraph (b)(2) of this section or § 86.098-23 (b)(1)(ii), (b)(3), or (b)(4) as applicable.

(3) For certification of vehicles with non-integrated refueling systems, a statement that the drivedown used to purge the refueling canister was the same as described in the manufacturer's application for certification. Furthermore, a description of the procedures used to determine the number of equivalent UDDS miles required to purge the refueling canisters, as determined by the provisions of § 86.001-21(b)(5)(v) and subpart B of this part. Furthermore, a written statement to the Administrator that all data, analyses, test procedures, evaluations and other documents, on which the above statement is based, are available to the Administrator upon request.

(f)-(g) [Reserved]

(h)-(m) [Reserved]. For guidance see § 86.098-23.

[61 FR 54887, Oct. 22, 1996, as amended at 62 FR 54720, Oct. 21, 1997; 79 FR 23687, Apr. 28, 2014]