40 CFR Appendix Table 1 to Subpart JJJ of Part 63, Applicability of general provisions to subpart JJJ affected sources

Table 1 to Subpart JJJ of Part 63 - Applicability of general provisions to subpart JJJ affected sources
Reference Applies to
Subpart JJJ
§ 63.1(a)(1) Yes § 63.1312 specifies definitions in addition to or that supersede definitions in § 63.2 .
§ 63.1(a)(2) Yes
§ 63.1(a)(3) Yes § 63.1311(g) through (l) and § 63.160(b) identify those standards which may apply in addition to the requirements of subparts JJJ and H of this part, and specify how compliance shall be achieved.
§ 63.1(a)(4) Yes Subpart JJJ (this table) specifies the applicability of each paragraph in subpart A to subpart JJJ.
§ 63.1(a)(5) No [Reserved.].
§ 63.1(a)(6) Yes
§ 63.1(a)(7)-(9) No [Reserved.].
§ 63.1(a)(10) Yes
§ 63.1(a)(11) Yes
§ 63.1(a)(12)-(14) Yes
§ 63.1(b)(1) No § 63.1310(a) contains specific applicability criteria.
§ 63.1(b)(2) Yes
§ 63.1(b)(3) No § 63.1310(b) provides documentation requirements for TPPUs not considered affected sources.
§ 63.1(c)(1) Yes Subpart JJJ (this table) specifies the applicability of each paragraph in subpart A to subpart JJJ.
§ 63.1(c)(2) No Area sources are not subject to subpart JJJ.
§ 63.1(c)(3) No [Reserved.].
§ 63.1(c)(4) No [Reserved.].
§ 63.1(c)(5) Yes Except that affected sources are not required to submit notifications that are not required by subpart JJJ.
§ 63.1(d) No [Reserved.].
§ 63.1(e) Yes
§ 63.2 Yes § 63.1312 specifies those subpart A definitions that apply to subpart JJJ.
§ 63.3 Yes
§ 63.4(a)(1)-(3) Yes
§ 63.4(a)(4) No [Reserved.].
§ 63.4(a)(5) Yes
§ 63.4(b) Yes
§ 63.4(c) Yes
§ 63.5(a)(1) Yes Except the terms “source” and “stationary source” should be interpreted as having the same meaning as “affected source.”
§ 63.5(a)(2) Yes
§ 63.5(b)(1) Yes Except § 63.1310(i) defines when construction or reconstruction is subject to new source standards.
§ 63.5(b)(2) No [Reserved.].
§ 63.5(b)(3) Yes
§ 63.5(b)(4) Yes Except that the Initial Notification and § 63.9(b) requirements do not apply.
§ 63.5(b)(5) Yes
§ 63.5(b)(6) Yes Except that § 63.1310(i) defines when construction or reconstruction is subject to new source standards.
§ 63.5(c) No [Reserved.]
§ 63.5(d)(1)(i) Yes Except that the references to the Initial Notification and § 63.9(b)(5) do not apply.
§ 63.5(d)(1)(ii) Yes Except that § 63.5(d)(1)(ii)(H) does not apply.
§ 63.5(d)(1)(iii) No §§ 63.1335(e)(5) and 63.1331(a)(4) specify Notification of Compliance Status requirements.
§ 63.5(d)(2) No
§ 63.5(d)(3) Yes Except § 63.5(d)(3)(ii) does not apply, and equipment leaks subject to § 63.1331 are exempt.
§ 63.5(d)(4) Yes
§ 63.5(e) Yes
§ 63.5(f)(1) Yes
§ 63.5(f)(2) Yes Except that where § 63.9(b)(2) is referred to, the owner or operator need not comply.
§ 63.6(a) Yes
§ 63.6(b)(1) No The dates specified in § 63.1311(b) apply, instead.
§ 63.6(b)(2) No
§ 63.6(b)(3) No
§ 63.6(b)(4) No
§ 63.6(b)(5) No
§ 63.6(b)(6) No [Reserved]
§ 63.6(b)(7) No
§ 63.6(c)(1) Yes Except that § 63.1311 specifies the compliance date.
§ 63.6(c)(2) No
§ 63.6(c)(3) No [Reserved]
§ 63.6(c)(4) No [Reserved]
§ 63.6(c)(5) Yes
§ 63.6(d) No [Reserved]
§ 63.6(e) Yes Except as otherwise specified for individual paragraphs.
§ 63.6(e)(1)(i) No See § 63.1310(j)(4) for general duty requirement.
§ 63.6(e)(1)(ii) No
§ 63.6(e)(1)(iii) Yes
§ 63.6(e)(2) Yes
§ 63.6(e)(3) No
§ 63.6(f)(1) No
§ 63.6(f)(2) Yes Except § 63.7(c) , as referred to in § 63.6(f)(2)(iii)(D) , does not apply, and except that § 63.6(f)(2)(ii) does not apply to equipment leaks subject to § 63.1331 .
§ 63.6(f)(3) Yes
§ 63.6(g) Yes
§ 63.6(h) No Subpart JJJ does not require opacity and visible emission standards.
§ 63.6(i)(1) Yes
§ 63.6(i)(2) Yes
§ 63.6(i)(3) Yes
§ 63.6(i)(4)(i)(A) Yes
§ 63.6(i)(4)(i)(B) No Dates are specified in § 63.1311(e) and § 63.1335(e)(3)(i) .
§ 63.6(i)(4)(ii) No
§ 63.6(i)(5)-(14) Yes
§ 63.6(i)(15) No [Reserved.].
§ 63.6(i)(16) Yes
§ 63.6(j) Yes
§ 63.7(a)(1) Yes
§ 63.7(a)(2) No § 63.1335(e)(5) specifies the submittal dates of performance test results for all emission points except equipment leaks; for equipment leaks, compliance demonstration results are reported in the Periodic Reports.
§ 63.7(a)(3) Yes
§ 63.7(b) No § 63.1333(a)(4) specifies notification requirements.
§ 63.7(c) No
§ 63.7(d) Yes
§ 63.7(e)(1) No See § 63.1333(a) .
§ 63.7(e)(2) Yes
§ 63.7(e)(3) No Subpart JJJ specifies requirements.
§ 63.7(e)(4) Yes
§ 63.7(f) Yes Except that § 63.144(b)(5)(iii)(A) and (B) shall apply for process wastewater. Also, because a site specific test plan is not required, the notification deadline in § 63.7(f)(2)(i) shall be 60 days prior to the performance test, and in § 63.7(f)(3) , approval or disapproval of the alternative test method shall not be tied to the site specific test plan.
§ 63.7(g) Yes Except that the requirements in § 63.1335(e)(5) shall apply instead of references to the Notification of Compliance Status report in § 63.9(h) . In addition, equipment leaks subject to § 63.1331 are not required to conduct performance tests.
§ 63.7(h) Yes Except § 63.7(h)(4)(ii) is not applicable, because the site-specific test plans in § 63.7(c)(2) are not required.
§ 63.8(a)(1) Yes
§ 63.8(a)(2) No
§ 63.8(a)(3) No [Reserved]
§ 63.8(a)(4) Yes
§ 63.8(b)(1) Yes
§ 63.8(b)(2) No Subpart JJJ specifies locations to conduct monitoring.
§ 63.8(b)(3) Yes
§ 63.8(c)(1) Yes
§ 63.8(c)(1)(i) No
§ 63.8(c)(1)(ii) No
§ 63.8(c)(1)(iii) No
§ 63.8(c)(2) Yes
§ 63.8(c)(3) Yes
§ 63.8(c)(4) No § 63.1334 specifies monitoring frequency; not applicable to equipment leaks because § 63.1331 does not require continuous monitoring systems.
§ 63.8(c)(5)-(8) No.
§ 63.8(d) No.
§ 63.8(e) No.
§ 63.8(f)(1)-(3) Yes.
§ 63.8(f)(4)(i) No Timeframe for submitting request is specified in § 63.1335(f) or (g); not applicable to equipment leaks because § 63.1331 (through reference to subpart H) specifies acceptable alternative methods.
§ 63.8(f)(4)(ii) No Contents of requests are specified in § 63.1335(f) or (g).
§ 63.8(f)(4)(iii) No.
§ 63.8(f)(5)(i) Yes.
§ 63.8(f)(5)(ii) No.
§ 63.8(f)(5)(iii) Yes.
§ 63.8(f)(6) No Subpart JJJ does not require continuous emission monitors.
§ 63.8(g) No Data reduction procedures specified in § 63.1335(d) and (h) ; not applicable to equipment leaks.
§ 63.9(a) Yes.
§ 63.9(b) No Subpart JJJ does not require an initial notification.
§ 63.9(c) Yes.
§ 63.9(d) Yes.
§ 63.9(e) No § 63.1333(a)(4) specifies notification deadline.
§ 63.9(f) No Subpart JJJ does not require opacity and visible emission standards.
§ 63.9(g) No.
§ 63.9(h) No § 63.1335(e)(5) specifies Notification of Compliance Status requirements.
§ 63.9(i) Yes.
§ 63.9(j) No.
§ 63.10(a) Yes.
§ 63.10(b)(1) No § 63.1335(a) specifies record retention requirements.
§ 63.10(b)(2) No Subpart JJJ specifies recordkeeping requirements.
§ 63.10(b)(3) No § 63.1310(b) requires documentation of sources that are not affected sources.
§ 63.10(c) No § 63.1335 specifies recordkeeping requirements.
§ 63.10(d)(1) Yes.
§ 63.10(d)(2) No § 63.1335(e) specifies performance test reporting requirements; not applicable to equipment leaks.
§ 63.10(d)(3) No Subpart JJJ does not require opacity and visible emission standards.
§ 63.10(d)(4) Yes.
§ 63.10(d)(5) No See § 63.1335(b)(1)(ii) for malfunction reporting requirements.
§ 63.10(e) No § 63.1335 specifies reporting requirements.
§ 63.10(f) Yes.
§ 63.11 Yes § 63.11(b) specifies requirements for flares used to comply with provisions of this subpart. § 63.1333(e) contains the requirements to conduct compliance demonstrations for flares subject to this subpart. § 63.11(c) , (d), and (e) specifies requirements for an alternative work practice for equipment leaks.
§ 63.12 Yes Except that the authority of § 63.1332(i) and the authority of § 63.177 (for equipment leaks) shall not be delegated to States.
§§ 63.13-63 .15 Yes.
[ 66 FR 36939, July 16, 2001, as amended at 71 FR 20460, Apr. 20, 2006; 73 FR 78214, Dec. 22, 2008; 79 FR 17371, Mar. 27, 2014]

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