41 CFR 102-34.50 - What size motor vehicles may we obtain?

§ 102-34.50 What size motor vehicles may we obtain?

(a) You may only obtain the minimum size of motor vehicle necessary to fulfill your agency's mission in accordance with the following considerations:

(1) You must obtain motor vehicles that achieve maximum fuel efficiency.

(2) Limit motor vehicle body size, engine size and optional equipment to what is essential to meet your agency's mission.

(3) With the exception of motor vehicles used by the President and Vice President and motor vehicles for security and highly essential needs, you must obtain midsize (class III) or smaller sedans.

(4) Obtain large (class IV) sedans only when such motor vehicles are essential to your agency's mission.

(b) Agencies must establish and document a structured vehicle allocation methodology to determine the appropriate size and number of motor vehicles (see FMR Bulletin B-9, located at http://www.gsa.gov/bulletin, for guidance).