42 CFR § 405.2446 - Scope of services.

§ 405.2446 Scope of services.

(a) For purposes of this section, the terms rural health clinic and RHC when they appear in the cross references in paragraph (b) of this section also mean Federally qualified health centers and FQHCs.

(b) FQHC services that are paid for under this subpart are outpatient services that include the following:

(1) Physician services specified in § 405.2412.

(2) Services and supplies furnished as incident to a physician's professional service, as specified in § 405.2413.

(3) Nurse practitioner, physician assistant or certified nurse midwife services as specified in § 405.2414.

(4) Services and supplies furnished as incident to a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or certified nurse midwife service, as specified in § 405.2415.

(5) Clinical psychologist and clinical social worker services specified in § 405.2450.

(6) Services and supplies furnished as incident to a clinical psychologist or clinical social worker service, as specified in § 405.2452.

(7) Visiting nurse services specified in § 405.2416.

(8) Preventive primary services specified in § 405.2448 of this subpart.

(9) Medical nutrition therapy services as specified in part 410, subpart G of this chapter, and diabetes outpatient self-management training services as specified in part 410, subpart H of this chapter.

(c) FQHC services are covered when provided in outpatient settings only, including a patient's place of residence, which may be a skilled nursing facility or a nursing facility, other institution used as a patient's home, or are hospice attending physician services furnished during a hospice election.

(d) FQHC services are not covered in a hospital, as defined in section 1861(e)(1) of the Act.

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