42 CFR § 411.373 - Certification.

§ 411.373 Certification.

(a) Every request must include the following signed certification: “With knowledge of the penalties for false statements provided by 18 U.S.C. 1001 and with knowledge that this request for an advisory opinion is being submitted to the Department of Health and Human Services, I certify that all of the information provided is true and correct, and constitutes a complete description of the facts regarding which an advisory opinion is sought, to the best of my knowledge and belief.”

(b) If the advisory opinion relates to a proposed arrangement, in addition to the certification required by paragraph (a) of this section, the following certification must be included and signed by the requestor: “The arrangement described in this request for an advisory opinion is one into which [the requestor], in good faith, plans to enter.” This statement may be made contingent on a favorable advisory opinion, in which case the requestor should add one of the following phrases to the certification:

(1) “if CMS issues a favorable advisory opinion.”

(2) “if CMS and the OIG issue favorable advisory opinions.”

[69 FR 57227, Sept. 24, 2004]