42 CFR § 416.30 - Terms of agreement with CMS.

§ 416.30 Terms of agreement with CMS.

As part of the agreement under § 416.26 the ASC must agree to the following:

(a) Compliance with coverage conditions. The ASC agrees to meet the conditions for coverage specified in subpart C of this part and to report promptly to CMS any failure to do so.

(b) Limitation on charges to beneficiaries.1 The ASC agrees to charge the beneficiary or any other person only the applicable deductible and coinsurance amounts for facility services for which the beneficiary—

1 For facility services furnished before July 1987, the ASC had to agree to make no charge to the beneficiary, since those services were not subject to the part B deductible and coinsurance provisions.

(1) Is entitled to have payment made on his or her behalf under this part; or

(2) Would have been so entitled if the ASC had filed a request for payment in accordance with § 410.165 of this chapter.

(c) Refunds to beneficiaries.

(1) The ASC agrees to refund as promptly as possible any money incorrectly collected from beneficiaries or from someone on their behalf.

(2) As used in this section, money incorrectly collected means sums collected in excess of those specified in paragraph (b) of this section. It includes amounts collected for a period of time when the beneficiary was believed not to be entitled to Medicare benefits if—

(i) The beneficiary is later determined to have been entitled to Medicare benefits; and

(ii) The beneficiary's entitlement period falls within the time the ASC's agreement with CMS is in effect.

(d) Furnishing information. The ASC agrees to furnish to CMS, if requested, information necessary to establish payment rates specified in §§ 416.120-416.130 in the form and manner that CMS requires.

(e) Acceptance of assignment. The ASC agrees to accept assignment for all facility services furnished in connection with covered surgical procedures. For purposes of this section, assignment means an assignment under § 424.55 of this chapter of the right to receive payment under Medicare Part B and payment under § 424.64 of this chapter (when an individual dies before assigning the claim).

(f) ASCs operated by a hopsital. In an ASC operated by a hospital—

(1) The agreement is made effective on the first day of the next Medicare cost reporting period of the hospital that operates the ASC; and

(2) The ASC participates and is paid only as an ASC.

(3) Costs for the ASC are treated as a non-reimbursable cost center on the hopsital's cost report.

(g) Additional provisions. The agreement may contain any additional provisions that CMS finds necessary or desirable for the efficient and effective administration of the Medicare program.

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